Launchpad Pro mk3

Launchpad Pro mk3 Review. It’s still the best Ableton Live and midi controller!

Launchpad Pro mk3 Review. It has many functions and is definitely a good instrument like a fundamental controller. But it's really hard to use, and it's kind of uncomfortable without Ableton Live.
런치패드 프로 Mk3

Launchpad Pro mk3

Launchpad Pro mk3 Review. It’s hard to use, but it has a lot of functions and it’s a good Ableton live controller.

I used many MIDI controllers, but if I had to pick one of the most famous MIDI controllers, it would be the Launchpad. Of course, Launchpad is not famous as a midi controller itself. Anyway, the midi controllers I bought were unique in appearance. So I used the most popular midi controller this time. This is Launchpad Pro mk3.

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Launchpad Pro Mk3
Launchpad Pro Mk3 Review. It's Still The Best Ableton Live And Midi Controller! 1

Launchpad pro mk3 is thinner and lighter than I thought

It’s the first time I’ve actually touched a launchpad. The size of the instrument was quite bigger than I thought, but it was quite light. It feels lighter than the iPad. And it looks very simple in appearance, but I was surprised because there were more buttons than I expected, probably because the name is Launchpad ‘Pro’.

Launchpad Pro MK3 is a musical instrument that was born to be used as a controller for Ableton Live. However, if you use it only for Ableton Live, the usage is too limited. So they made it possible to use it as a midi controller itself. And since it’s a pro, it also has a sequencer function. As a result, there are many functions. However, I am still not very good at it, so this review will mainly focus on MIDI controller functions.

Launchpad pro mk3 is harder to use than I thought…

I honestly have little musical knowledge; this instrument is not as easy as I thought it would be. So it used to be very popular, but in recent years, it’s seen a lot in the secondhand market… Seeing that I can’t see it these days, it seems to have become an instrument that only users use.

It’s definitely difficult to use at first. Since there is no screen, the intuitive part is lacking. Of course, you can recognize the shape of the pads or the pad flashing in the shape of letters, but it is difficult to use unless you look at the manual. It’s hard even though I’m trying to use it as a midi controller. It will be even more cumbersome to use as an Ableton Live Controller. Like some YouTube masters, it seems even more difficult to make the light come out every time you touch the pad. This may be why popularity is not what it used to be.

I usually use the iPad, so I often use the midi function. And since I used the iPad, native instrument products such as Maschine were not compatible with the iPad, so I paid little attention.

Personally, it’s quite unfortunate. The iPad is great for using MIDI functions, as many apps allow for easy MIDI mapping. If something doesn’t seem right, you can map it right away. It would have been nice if they could have at least applied as a controller.

I had a bit of trouble using daw on Windows.

However, I had a hard time using DAW in Windows. Especially Cubase… There are some YouTubers who are good at using the launchpad to use Cubase. So whenever I feel like I can’t, I repeat the video report… I did it after touching it here and there.

Launchpad Pro MK3 has controller mode by default, but it doesn’t work here for some reason. Instead, you can customize the features you want, and that’s where it worked. It works well in Reason as well. I spent some time, but I was proud to see that it works in all DAWs. Now, it would be better to check out various virtual instruments such as Komplete, but I’m going to try that later.

I used it lightly as a midi controller. It’s like just going through the basics of a real launchpad. There are a lot of functions, but it’s kind of hard for me to use them all right away. I still wanted to use the function that makes the button shine cool when I think of the launchpad, but this function seems to work only on Ableton Live.

It’s hard to use, but since I bought it, I’m going to try my best

I’m very satisfied because I bought a used one at a reasonable price, but I’m a little disappointed that the launchpad product itself is not as popular as it used to be. These days, people who use pads use the Maschine that I mentioned earlier. I think it’s because the launchpad Pro MK3 is a little difficult, and Ableton Live is essential for the instrument to perform properly, and there are some barriers to entry to use properly. So I think there’s nothing we can do about it can’t be helped. I bought it well, so I’m going to make the most of it.

Launchpad Pro mk3 Conclusion

Good point

  1. It has quite a lot of functions
  2. It’s thinner and lighter than I thought
  3. the fundamental figures that are sometimes seen

Bad point

  1. it is difficult to use at first.
  2. Since there’s no screen, it’s not intuitive
  3. It has become less popular than before
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